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Terry Sent Me!

The client

Pilcrow Spirits is a distillery that prioritises the creation of high-quality spirits while making them accessible. With a passion for craft and attention to detail, the have a focus towards creating refreshingly modern brands. Pilcrow Spirits believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a well-crafted drink, which is why they strive to make their spirits both affordable and exceptional in quality.

To define the brand story and brand identity system for a new gin brand. The idea was to create a packaging system that creates a unique position in the gin category across India. The brand would aim to bring together an appealing design, a distinct flavour and a passionate gin drinking community. The goal was to create a memorable brand by building an immersive and effective narrative.
Defining the Brand
Define decided to build an interesting story around the product by coming up with an intriguing name and taking an illustrated route that would be eye catching on store shelves. The idea was to have a graphic recall value for the brand. ‘Terry Sent Me!’ was born, derived from speakeasy passwords of the 1930s. Walking up the right door and saying the words ‘Terry Sent Me’ gave you access to a certain privileges only a few venturesome individuals had. We wanted to capture this essence of thrill and mystery into our brand, along with the fact that this was a means to a ‘spirited’ escape into exciting times.
Brand Attributes






Terry Sent Me! launched in September of 2022 and is an interpretation of a contemporary Indian gin. The gin is made with a “secret blend of exotic botanicals” and is a loving ode to the rebellious spirit of the Prohibition era — and those who embody it. Priced at INR 1500, its the perfect segment the target audience which is urban, well traveled and money-conscious consumers who fall under the age group of 21-38.

Who is Terry? What does he look like? Is he one person...or a group of individuals? Is Terry Batman? Nobody really can be sure. But one thing is for certain, when Terry sends someone, exciting times follow. Inspired by the speakeasy bars of the 1930s, Terry Sent Me! is an ode to the colourful world that was bursting behind quiet doors, where the choice of drink was always the same.

The brand aspires to be the choice of drink for most consumers in the Indian market. Its quality and price will help replace existing brands as a pouring drink in cocktails which forms nearly 20% of the market, and become a go-to Gin for home consumption. Terry Sent Me! is a result of a vision to make quality drinking accessible. Picture yourself walking into a store, and there it is, ‘Terry Sent Me!’—a name that piques your curiosity and sparks your sense of adventure. It’s like a secret code to an exclusive club of excitement and mystery. You can’t help but wonder what lies behind those magical words. ‘Terry Sent Me!’ captures that essence of excitement and adventure, making every sip feel like a journey into a different era.

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