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The client

Founded in 2008, CaratLane set out on a mission to redefine the accessibility of beautiful jewellery by making it both affordable and perpetually wearable. The genesis of their vision emerged from conversations with countless women nationwide, revealing a shared dilemma: the choice between expensive, occasion-centric jewellery and everyday pieces lacking in quality and adaptability to evolving lifestyles

To spearhead the UX, web design, and app design for CaratLane, crafting a seamless digital experience that resonates with modern jewellery enthusiasts. From user-centric interfaces to visually compelling web and app designs, the scope of work was to elevate CaratLane's online presence, ensuring accessibility and aesthetic appeal in every digital interaction.
The UX Strategy
Define strategically devised a UX approach to intricately weave CaratLane's omnichannel sales features into a seamless and intuitive experience. The user journey was meticulously mapped, ensuring a fluid transition between online and offline interactions. From browsing products online to trying them in-store, the user's journey was streamlined, fostering a cohesive, convenient, and delightful experience across CaratLane's diverse sales channels.
Brand Attributes

Accessible Elegance


Everyday Wearability

Quality Craftsmanship

Omni-channel Presence

The journey with CaratLane began with an immersive understanding of their brand, users, and omnichannel vision. Extensive stakeholder interviews and competitive analyses informed a strategic roadmap. Crafting a unified experience, Define meticulously designed the website for intuitive navigation, ensuring it mirrored the simplicity of in-store visits. Seamless transitions between online browsing and in-store interactions were prioritized. The introduction of a user-friendly home trial feature added a convenient layer to the omnichannel experience. Iterative feedback loops and a keen eye on user-centric design principles guided the process, culminating in a comprehensive redesign that harmonized CaratLane's digital and physical presence.

Define transformed CaratLane's digital ecosystem, unifying the website, in-store, and home trial experiences. Navigating the website is seamless, mirroring the simplicity of in-store exploration. The online and offline channels converge harmoniously, allowing customers to effortlessly transition from browsing online to experiencing jewelry in-store. Additionally, Define introduced a convenient home trial feature, blending the digital and physical realms for a comprehensive omnichannel experience. It's a testament to Define's expertise in crafting a unified journey, ensuring CaratLane's customers enjoy a consistent and delightful experience whether they explore online, visit a store, or try jewelry at home.

In defining CaratLane's digital identity, Define envisioned more than a redesign; it was a transformative narrative. The project isn't just about an omnichannel journey; it's a practical blend of elegance and accessibility. Each digital interaction is a reflection of the timeless allure present in every CaratLane piece. The convergence of online and offline experiences is a purposeful narrative, inviting customers to engage in a straightforward journey of beauty and enduring value.

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