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Origin Nutrition

The client

Origin is a lifestyle nutrition brand that provides everyone with high quality and better- tasting super foods that are 100% natural, clean, certified and cruelty free, while having a positive impact on environment and community.

To define a distinct brand personality and positioning for Origin, that would set itself apart in a saturated market. This personality would be translated into an easy to use online store experience, as well as the packaging of their products.
Defining the Brand
Define made a conscious choice to set the brand at the convergence of happiness and nutrition. This is because Origin believes that a joyful, nourished life is the key to a flourishing future. This would be reflected in the brand's personality with a colourful visual language, and a playful tone of voice.
Brand Attributes





Passion for Winning

Meet Origin. Origin Nutrition is all about love. They make delicious superfoods and nutritional products that your body, mind and soul will love too! They make a conscious effort to delight and everything about our brand reflects this effort. They like to keep it fun and funny.

Origin's website and packaging design exude the essence of happy nutrition through vibrant colors, a light-hearted tone, and playful visuals. The bright palette invokes positivity, while the cheerful language spreads joy. This playful harmony is mirrored in their packaging, creating an experience that's as delightful as it is nutritious.

Nutrition for us is a daily choice, emerging from research and constant assessment. The uniqueness of nutrition lies in its very origin. Hence, the name. It has never been enough to please their customers. They work towards making them happy. Origin has a spirited and supportive personality, which is reflected in everything the brand does.

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