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Define is a Design and Strategy firm based out of India. We identify and develop systems for brands, products and services that help create experiences that help businesses evolve. We collaborate with organisations and creatives alike to define a better human experience.

What We Do

Developing Brand Narratives
Brand Positioning & Identity Design
Brand Communication
User Experience Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Environmental Graphics

Our Process

Derive Opportunities

Research and analysis is the first stage in our process. Key inferences are made at this stage that help us create consumer journeys, brand personas and positioning statements. This helps us form the foundation which drives the project.

Develop Prototypes

At the second stage in our process, we ideate over several possible routes based on inferences from the previous stage. Narrowing down to the ones that work best, we prototype the experience. The prototypes are then subjected to consumer testing that help improve upon them.

Detail Experiences

Inferences from the previous stage help us create the full fledged experience. The prototypes are evolved into functional products, brands and experiences at this stage.

Our Team

Broti Bhattacharya
Founding Partner

Broti is a Communication Designer with an inclination towards Branding and Illustration. He believes that design is an instrument of progress that marries its problem solving nature with functionality and aesthetics. Based on 7 years of experience working with several studios in New Delhi and Mumbai, Broti is currently working on several professional and self- initiated projects. Broti’s background in design stems from a formal education in Communication Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.

Dhruvi Tolia
Founding Partner

Dhruvi is a Communication Designer with a passion for designing systems as a cohesive medium for communication. This has laid the foundation for her work in integrated branding and type design. Her work on branding and brand communications, publication design and environmental graphics has shaped her views on looking at design from a utilitarian perspective. A graduate from the MIT Institute of Design, she sees design as a way of life, an approach that she applies to her professional as well as personal life.


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